The funding is an initiative that provides a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to coexist in an entertaining ecosystem.

Based in Indonesia the funding was founded in 2021 by Wayne Thompson. The funding gives investors insight into the world of entrepreneurs working their way from the bottom up. Entrepreneurs get access to mentorship, educational programs, networking, seed funding, and more.

Entrepreneurs are required to pitch to investors that have been approved and made readily available through various events throughout the year.

Some of these events and pitches will be filmed and made available on different media platforms.

Any investments will be made using the funding gateway. There are no age criteria and the funding encourages applicants from different industries to apply.

We will continue to update this page with new information so please check back for the most recent updates.


Our Mission is to educate and empower Gen-Zs and Millenials in Indonesia who are either aspiring or established entrepreneurs & business owners,  and to help them grow in business and as a person.

Our Vision is a democratized business playing field where those who don’t have the means can get the necessary support to thrive in their prospective business field. Our aim is to create a self funding ecosystem where we can help to fuel growth in promising companies.


Economic drop Due to the pandemic, Indonesia’s economy contracted for the first time in two decades. For 2020 as a whole, GDP fell 2.07 percent from a year earlier, the first full-year contraction since the 1998 Asian financial crisis. Bali specifically, which is highly dependent on tourism, experienced a 90% decrease in revenue leaving many business owners struggling to reinvent themselves with little to no help or guidance.

Little support The support from the government and private organizations to suffering enterprises has been helpful but sometimes not enough. A lot of the help provided is based on basic needs such as food & money donations.

Job losses Thousands of Indonesian employees have lost their jobs and hundreds of businesses are closed or struggling to survive. About 1.8 million people became unemployed between February 2020 and 2021 a 2.8 million people fell into poverty. (Worldbank).

A Boom Ahead At the same time Indonesia’s Economy is about to boom. The business landscape is getting stimulated with staggering growth rates predicted. (Baine & Company 2021


We work closely together with national brand ambassadors like Miss Niluh Djelantik who supports our mission and spreads our message. An ambassador for The Funding is an important person between our target audience and ourselves.

They help us to spread and translate our message so that more young entrepreneurs in Indonesia get to hear about us and want to get involved in The Funding Pitch & Show as well as other activities.



Are you dreaming of becoming a successful entrepreneur? 
Do you have a business idea that can benefit the Indonesian market?
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